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Moving to the Next Level of Influence

Compassion Acts first began in 2004 after months of prayer, seeking clarity on direction, and networking with friends – and friends of friends. Through these connections and strong convictions, Compassion Acts was birthed as a ministry and humanitarian aid organization to provide help for those in need.

Michal Ann Goll was the founder of Compassion Acts and affected thousands of lives by her devotion to Christ and her genuine love for people. However, Michal Ann passed away on September 15th, 2008 after a 5-year battle with colon cancer. In her desire to see justice, disaster relief and humanitarian aid work continue, Michal Ann left a personal charge in her hand-written last will and testament:

“It has been my goal and desire to love the Lord with all my heart all the days of my life. My desire is to leave with my family, friends and ministry partners a challenge to always love and honor God with all your life. I request that you not forget the poor that Jesus died for and that you carry on my ministry of Compassion Acts to the world.”

Since her graduation into her heavenly reward, a team of servant leaders has carried on the mission of Compassion Acts – where love takes action. In recent years, Compassion Acts has operated under the capable leadership of Mark Roye as an expression of Encounters Network, with James Goll as Founder and President.

Renewed Vision – Moving into the Future

Compassion ActsIt is now my delight to empower Mark and Suzie Roye, along with Mike Lynch, to lead the ministry of Compassion Acts. I also release this precious ministry directly into Mark’s hands for a bright tomorrow. While I will remain as an Advisor, Mark will now lead us into the future as the International Director of Compassion Acts. Mark will continue relationally networking and partnering Compassion Acts with other like-minded aid organizations, including Somebody Cares with Doug Stringer and now additionally, Freedom’s Promise with Tiffany Atkinson.

Watch the video below to see my recent interaction with Mark, Mike and GraceAnn (Goll) Visser as we rehearsed the history of Compassion Acts, set vision for the future, and released the ministry to Mark Roye, This heart-warming video includes segments of Michal Ann Goll sharing her heart.


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Mark Roye


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