Another Dreamer's Park is Complete!

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Compassion Acts – Steps in Moving Forward

Mark Roye is not new to you as the International Director of Compassion Acts. In partnering together, Mark Roye and Mike Lynch carry the mantle of compassion the way Michal Ann and team did 12 years ago. Just as “networking” was a major part of the original DNA of CA, in turn, Mark Roye has recently joined the Board of Directors of Freedom’s Promise based right in Nashville, TN.

James, Mark, Tiffany, MikeOn the heels of James empowering and releasing CA to Mark, Tiffany Atkinson of Freedom’s Promise extended the invitation for Compassion Acts to unite with their fantastic and effective ministry. Recently, the Board of Directors of both EN and FP have each unanimously approved these measures. So by September 2016 all the legal work, updated website and financial details will be complete! So the work of Compassion Act will goes on in strength!

At the present time, there are about 550 committed people who have signed up to receive the ongoing email updates from Compassion Acts – where love takes action. By September 1st, EN/CA will release these email addresses to the new umbrella organization of Freedom’s Promise. So if you would like to receive ongoing email Updates on Compassion Acts, then please sign up here.

A Message from the Founder

In light of all the transitions taking place with Compassion Acts and the new relationships being strengthened with Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares International and Tiffany Atkinson of Freedom’s Promise, we want you to hear the cornerstone message given by Michal Ann Goll many years ago on "This Is How Compassion Acts."

Another Dreamer's Park Built!

Cambodia – May 2016

By Mark Roye

This past May our team was so excited to head back to our beloved city of Poi Pet, Cambodia.  Compassion Acts partnered with our dear friends at Freedom’s Promise to build a Dreamer’s Park playground on the campus of New Life of Hope School and Church. At this location there were 265 students enrolled in the school, but there was absolutely nothing on which the kids could play.


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Mark Roye


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