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Christmas Bless A Child Outreach

Be a Blessing with Christmas Bless A Child Outreach

Mark RoyeChristmas is right around the corner. One of the greatest events of the year is our Christmas Bless a Child Outreach.  Friends of Compassion Acts, just like you, partner with Blood n Fire San Antonio to support a great opportunity to give gifts to over 100 children in the inner city of San Antonio where we, Mark and Susie Roye, have been serving for over 16 years now.
Blood 'n Fire ChristmasWe set up a Christmas store for children we work with to come and choose a gift of their liking. It takes only $20 to sponsor a child. If you would like to sponsor a child you can do so by going to and give via PayPal.
Here is a simple suggestion for you to consider.  James Goll personally gives a gift at Christmas every year to each of his kids and also now his grandkids; he sticks a note in their stocking that he is sponsoring one of these children in their behalf. It is a great way to remember the poor and involve your family in the process. Remember, Christmas is about giving!
You can sponsor as many children as you would like. We will purchase gifts on your behalf and together we will joyfully give to the “least of these”.  For many of these children this will be the only gift they will receive all Christmas.  
Thank you for your prayerful consideration and partnership to Bless a Child this Christmas! Thank you for your friendship, prayers and on going support of our work with Compassion Acts and beyond!
Be Blessed to Be a Blessing!
Mark Roye
International Director of Compassion Acts

Mark Roye is Guest on Life Beyond the Moment
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Where Love Takes Action,

Mark Roye


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